Pollution is a massive problem in France.

According to studies, French citizens’ life expectancy has been reduced. 15 months of reduction for 30-year old people who live in the cities and 9 months of reduction for those who live in the rural zones of France. The two leading factors of pollution are air pollution and water pollution. Other pollution types have a small weight. The main responsibility of pollution are Industry, agriculture and transport.

Pollution in the counties and cities is measure by a pollution index which is an estimation of the total pollution in each place. In France, the index of pollution is 40.70. The air pollution index is 31.4 and the drinking water pollution index is 28.0 which are considered low. On the other hand, the purity and cleanliness in France have a high quality, air quality and drinking water quality have an index of 68.60 and 72.00 respectively, being both of them considered high.

The four cities with higher pollution index are Paris with a 66.16, followed by Marseille with a 62.76 of index, the third city is Lyon with an index of 44.49 and Strasbourg with 41.57 of pollution index.

Air pollution

Air pollution in France is a huge problematic. It kills 48,000 French citizens every year which means a 9% of total population. Pollution in the air is the third responsible of deaths in France with 48,000 deaths every year after Tobacco with 78,000 deaths every year, followed by alcohol with 49,000 deaths every year being the main responsible of cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses according to a study made by the World Health Organization and pharmacies ( urgence pharmacie garde ) which states that 47 million French are exposed to PM2.5 particles and these are declared as unsafe by WHO. While the highest air levels in the country belong to Marseille.

Water pollution

Polluted water is being drunk by one and a half million French people. This means that 5% of French population drink contaminated water being this quantity present in rural zones than cities due to pesticides and nitrates because of agricultural work.

The government is looking for solutions to this huge problem. There is investment for improving water quality with pollution control and treatment and control for chemicals and pesticides used in the agriculture industry.

The most polluted city on earth.

France has the capital of love but also, Parisian people live in the most polluted city on Earth. A contamination cloud filled of fine particles and nitrogen dioxide covers the city threatening Parisian health having the air so contaminated that guides people to hospital with diseases. Authorities have implemented several ways to get this problem improve. The need of having a less contaminated city is a reason to reduce vehicles traffic in the city. For this, one of the way to reduce pollution is the restriction of private vehicles to circulate for days according to the vehicle registration plate, this goes accompanied with the free use of public transportation for a second consecutive day with the aim of encouraging Paris population to let their cars at home. Another mode of improving this situation is the Parisian cycle via with 370 kilometers. One more way to stop pollution is the use of electrical and hybrid taxis that circulate the French capital, they help to reduce 50% of pollution in the city approximately. It is supposed that mortal smog can be reduced with these measures.

How to help 

As it was mentioned before, the contaminating elements are linked with cancer, cardiac illnesses and respiratory problems and a big part of deaths is responsibility of pollution in the European country. There are many methods to reduce pollution in France. One of the most important is the implementation of electrical bicycles and cars to eliminate old vehicles that cause contamination. Besides, if the French citizens and doctors ( cliquez ici ) get to job by riding a bicycle, will be paid. For people who want to buy an electrical car, will be have a little help from government one more effort is adding 30 hectares of parks and green zones. Applying a free public transportation system is another type of solution to pollution in the country. Reducing carbon emissions is an important way to face pollution. For this reason, France government encourages to travel by bus, train or subway. But, if you do not have access to public transportation near home, you should get regular maintenance on the vehicle you have and keep it in good conditions to help the cause.

As we know, major pollution on air and water is due to factories and industry. So, try to reduce animal products consumption like dairy and meat and if you can grow your own vegetables and fruits, that would be great. Try to buy used items like clothes of furniture, this will help to less new products production, thus, less contamination and you save your money. You can keep chemicals out of the supply of water, besides, use environmentally friendly chemicals. Do not use pesticides because this is one of the main causer of water pollution.

Reducing, reusing and recycling is a good way to reduce pollution. Be aware of a well use of electricity. Turn off the lights you are not using, take care of every small change which will contribute to save energy. Buying products which package you can reuse. Go to recycling centers and buy products made from material that has been recycled.

One of the most important ways to reduce pollution in France is educating oneself and others about this huge problem. French citizens must learn about the major polluters in the zone they live and try to decrease this contamination. Then you learn it, try to talk to your friends and encourage them to stop pollution. If you are a student, research about your city pollution and write articles for your study center letting your mates know about the necessity of implementing ways to stop pollution. Additionally, implement solutions to stop pollution in your area by working together and respecting government rules to reduce pollution in France.